About Us

About us TFTR0179RS

Two For the Road, the small band with the full sound, evolved out of Burt and Susan’s previous experience playing and singing for a tnumber of years in upstate New York, the following is a brief background about us.

Burt’s musical experience actually began at an early age with piano and accordion lessons, until he discovered his true instrument of choice…the guitar.  His talent developed quickly, resulting in a high school rock band.  As time went on, he branched out into a wide variety of styles providing music and vocals, over the years, for many local bands.

Susan played Timpani in the high school band but her preference has always been to focus on singing and finds there are great lyrics in all types of music.  The fact that Burt, her husband, enjoys performing from a diverse list of songs as well makes him a perfect partner in music and life.

While it can be rewarding, playing in a band with several members can create it’s own frustrations.  Most groups can relate stories of certain members who don’t like to practice, show up late for performances, or cop an attitude.  That’s why its been so much fun for Burt and Susan to create a band with just the right attitude and musical mix.

Today, Burt and Susan share the best of both worlds…they’re able to produce a full band sound that can incorporate drums, horns, violins, banjo, fiddle, or even harmonica, if needed, while Burt plays lead or rhythm guitar on each song.  Susan plays the Cajon for added percussion.